Roby Pallet

Roby Pallet is a  technological demonstrator of innovative electric liftfork:  a smart Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that has
significant innovations compared with existing solutions including adaptability to operating environment, ease of route planning and
control, unique algorithms to optimize safety, productivity and the coordination of eventual fleets.



Unique and innovative characteristics include:

  • Guidance:
    i) Autonomous Guidance (way points, path, actions) can be remotely programmed and it is ready to use once the location’s layout is provided: no need of floor tracks, no need of reference markers of any kind (visible, magnetic, inductive), no need of vehicle path training. Does not require any investment in the warehouse structure;
    ii) “Assisted guide” will be added in order to facilitate the operator in its remote guidance for specific applications.

  • AGV autonomously forks the parcel on vehicle in the source area and releases it in the destination area (new IP).

  • Easy to configure. The logistics manager plans and inserts easily the waypoints, path and actions by the supervisor for each type of AGVs present in its site.

  • Easy to use. The operator can call the “sequence” (mission with waypoints, path, actions) without interaction with a computer, simply passing an activation card in a RFID reader. The “sequence” can also be activated automatically by the process automation system or directly on supervisor software (cloud application).

  • Ease to maintain. A remote updating of navigation SW and remote maintenance/check up/problem solution.

  • Safety features:
    i) navigation of vehicle avoids the unexpected obstacle on path or layout changes if detected in advance to avoid them;
    ii) sudden obstacle appearance motion blocking and restart capability;
    iii) “man on floor” detection and avoidance;
    iv) building automation system, if present, can force blockade of vehicle.

  • If the logistic chain adopts RFID tags on the goods, the Smart AGV will read the RFID tag to identify the parcel.

  • A fleet of smart AGVs can be managed with the coordination of a supervisor software.
    Cloud computing and algorithms monitor the overall fleet to avoid eventual conflicts during operation.

  • Customization services:
    i) to develop special applications, as often SMEs require;
  • ii) to integrate to building or process automation systems;
    iii) to perform operations in special (harsh environments).

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