Roby Guard


Roby Guard is a self-driving Rover for surveillance.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence is able to self-locate, to autonomously move through predefined paths in night and day patrols and to send an alarm to the remote station in case of intruder detection.

Roby Guard can perform autonomous patrols or be remote-controlled by the user to check the area; its robust and weatherproof structure allows the rover to move even on rough lands.
It also automatically avoids fixed or mobile obstacles and guarantees continuous security and surveillance.

• It reduce risks to staff from physical stress
• It ensures service improvement thanks to remote control and moving visuals
• It reduces the number of blind spots to monitor
• The security system becomes stand alone







Roby Guard follows the user-preset path, traverses the trajectory by crossing the waypoints, avoiding any obstacles, fixed and mobile, and rescheduling, if necessary, the most appropriate path to end the set path.


The user can send Roby Guard on a mission to control a specific location by providing only the waypoint references, without setting the path: the system will calculate the most appropriate route to complete the mission.


The user can take over the vehicle's total control over the rooms, drive it in real time, and move Roby Guard towards the goal. 
Laser scanning sensors, always active, will prevent accidental collisions with mobile or fixed obstacles because of a possible human error of maneuver or sudden movements of animals and people.


Roby Guard is able to get its position inside the cartography, loaded during the first installation, with remarkable precision thanks to the cross-reference between GPS and the informations of the other sensors on board (IMU, Encoders). The vehicle moves at a speed of 1m / s (3.6km / h).


Identification and avoidance of moving or unforeseen obstacles along the way through a Laser Range Finder, which avoids possible imminent collisions.


The "People Detection" function allows the vehicle to recognize the presence of an intruder. The ambient conditions in which they work are: day, twilight/sunrise, night with low light (e.g. some street lamps in the environment). The system keeps the intruder under observation by rotating it appropriately and following it remotely.




  • Joypad wireless connected to the control station for manual vehicle driving

  • Control station (PC with software) for configuration and control of missions and of the vehicle

  • WiFi transmitter for communication between user and vehicle

  • Transformer and cable with magnetic plug that automatically disengages when the vehicle moves

  • Dim.: L 848 mm; P 990 mm; H 547/963 mm;
  • Materials:  2-3 mm thick aluminum chassis
  • Degree of Protection: IP65
  • Weight: 68 Kg




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