Smart Farming

DA-RT allows agricultural vehicles producers to implement "Smart Farming" with the provision of technology and technical support.

Smart Farming, or precision agriculture, is a management strategy of agriculture that uses modern instrumentations and is geared to carrying out agronomic interventions, considering crop requirements and biochemical and physical characteristics of the soil.
 This management system can be used during all the stages of the agricultural process: from field
 preparation, to seeding, to care of the field, to harvesting.

 In fact, various and diversified are the agricultural vehicles involved in this kind of process, including:

  - Ploughing Machine
  - Coltivation Machine
  - Planting Machine
  - Seeding Machine
  - Fertilizer
  - Sprayers
  - Corn Harvesting Machine
  - Coton Pickers
  - Hay Machine



Smart Farming consists into apply autonomous driving systems to the agricultural vehicles, permitting them to:

  • Use resources efficiently;
  • Reduce operator efforts and work-related risks;
  • Increase agronomic performance by using historical and real time data.



This gives the vehicles the following functions:

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING: the system controls
the direction and the traction for an autonomous
guide based on predefined or custom templates;

OBSTACLES AVOIDANCE: the system detects
unanticipated obstacles and avoids them;

ANTI-ROLLOVER: the system prevents the rollover;

AUTOMATIC ALIGNMENT: the system controls
the precise positioning of the row during the corn harvest;

AUTO U-TURN: the system controls the U-turn at
the end of the field, eliminating the uncovered areas;

LEADER FOLLOWING: the vehicles are equipped
with a system that allows them to follow another
driving vehicle, staying at distance;

VIRTUAL WALLS: the system prevents the
vehicles to enter out-of-bound zones;

CROP ROW DETECTION: the system identifies the
row and follows it;

identifies elements such as a hole in the ground,
ramps, walls, animals, people.




This type of function is possible thanks to two intelligent units: The HLU, a high-level unit that performs planning, mapping, detection and monitoring; and the LLU, a low-level unit that takes care of avoiding obstacles, following the path, controlling the drive, etc.
Therefore DA-RT delivers intelligent HLU and LLU systems, sensors and technical support to make agricultural vehicles smart.


Smart Farming is also…

DA-RT, with Company's solutions, has WSN - Wireless Network Sensors for Advanced Agriculture (see also ): WSN means a certain type of computer network, made up of a set of autonomous electronic devices capable of extracting data from the surrounding environments and communicating with each other.
So, Smart Farming can also use a network of sensors for collecting and monitoring environmental parameters (air, water, soil), where sensor network means a set of proximity sensors within the phenomenon to be observed. Each sensor has a limited and non-renewable energy reserve; therefore, once installed, the sensor has to work independently: for this reason these devices have to keep a very low consumption, so they can have a longer life circle.

So, these radio sensors, with battery or solar panel, have the task of collecting a set of data and sending them to the monitoring station.

In addition, Smart Farming can provide drones for optical and infrared crop surveys resulting in several agrochemical evaluations: DA-RT, thanks to its collaboration with qualified partners, is able to offer ad hoc integrated solutions.

* The pictures show third party vehicles 

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