Marine System

DA-RT has designed and realized artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics techniques in the naval field as well.

Our systems are modular and include: the navigation module, the location module, LLU and HLU, control station, 3D reconstruction module. These are systems that can easily be integrated into a marine vehicle to implement and follow a route dynamically avoiding any obstacles that arise on the planned route.

The 3D reconstruction module during navigation analyzes the environment, the sonar module (interferometric) returns a three-dimensional map of the backdrop that is saved and can be re-analyzed on the ground. Thanks to the lidar and chambers, the 3D reconstruction module can reconstruct a three-dimensional map of what is present above the water surface.

In conditions of good visibility we used a room-based reconstruction technique to have a high-resolution three-dimensional model of subsea structures of interest. This system can be adapted to various types of vehicles such as catamarans, RIBs or small submarine vehicles.


Examples of vehicles on which the DA-RT technology can be applied:


RIB: Rigid Inflatable Boat - a lightweight boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale *

USV – vehicle that operates on the surface of the water without a crew *

ROV – tethered underwater mobile device *

AUV – robot that travels underwater without requiring input from an operator *



Marine systems can be used for:




Hydrographic and bathymetry surveys

Harbor wall Inspection

Pipeline inspection

Dangerous area monitoring

 Mines Hunting

Waste monitoring


Objects identification

Water analysis



As self-contained marine systems are in degrees to be localized, mapping the surrounding environment, planning the best path to achieving a goal and following it, thanks to the presence of 2 intelligent units:

 the HLU, a high-level unit running the planning  and mapping, tracking and monitoring; and the LLU, a low-level unit that takes care of obstacles, follow the path, control the drive, and etc. 



* The photos show marine systems produced by third parties.

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