Advanced Security

2One of the fundamental activities carried out by DA-RT is Advanced Security, namely the surveillance of private areas in daytime and nighttime environments by Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), is autonomous vehicle that operates without human presence on board.



The use of these vehicles means that fewer guards are used, allowing the reduction of operating costs.
In addition, UGVs allow a continous surveillance without any kind of distraction, as opposed to the man who risks losing attention and lucidity during the crucial moments of patrol, since surveillance is an extremely tiring and tedious activity.





The surveillance through UGVs is enable thanks to sensors and modern automatic learning techinques that make vehicles able to locate themselves, to map the surrounding environment, to plan the best route to reach a goal and follow it, avoiding obstacles, overcoming or climbing over them.

 UGVs also detect, thanks to cameras, objects of interest and identify and trace anomalies: vehicles are "trained" to recognize possible intruders, trace movements, and alert one or more people through various transmission media. Recognition is based on Machine Learning techniques, thanks to which - after an initial training- vehicles are able to recognize their goals, by continuing to learn from the choises made to improve their performances.





This type of function is possible thanks to two intelligent units: The HLU, a high-level unit that performs planning, mapping, detection and monitoring; and the LLU, a low-level unit that takes care of avoiding obstacles, following the path, controlling the drive, etc.




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