DA-RT designs and achieves land, naval and aerial Unmanned Vehicles, that are able to carry out their unmanned missions (Autonomous Land Vehicles ALV, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV e Unmanned Arial Vehicle UAV).

Land vehicles have different types of sensor; the data are processed with artificial perception techniques, "data fusion", machine learning: in that way the vehicle can "estimate" its position and navigate autonomously thanks to an autonomous route planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms and it’s also able to recognize object classes, represent and interact with the environment.

All vehicles, both terrestrial and aerial and marine, use intelligent adaptive behavior: they can interrupt the mission, find out more information and then decide what to do, or, in case of necessity, work in "shared autonomy" with a human operator who teleoperates them, avoiding that the operator may perform dangerous maneuvers for the integrity of the vehicle or the surrounding environment and the subjects in it.

In addition, DA-RT develops applications in the field of robotics, on perception and artificial intelligence.

It designs and develops the mechanics, the electronics and the software (in the realization of a new vehicle and in the integration of new features in existing vehicles), it chooses the most appropriate sensors and integrates them with the system and the platform.

The electronics and the software (developed in the three elements - ground  for land vehicles, air for aerial vehicles, water for underwater vehicles) are devoted to:

  •  perception of the environment by the rover-vehicles
  • modeling of georeferenced objects in the environment                                  
  • recognition of objects in the environment
  • tracking objects in the environment
  • route planning
  • path following
  • reaction to unforeseen or obstacle avoidance
  • execution of the mission or of operator commands
  • low-level vehicle control
  • operator interface and operator-vehicle link



The mechanical design is devoted to:

  • design and construction of structures
  • design and implementation of drives and transmissions
  • design electrical systems and engine integration with the platform and with the electronic system.



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